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Flowers, Plants, Gardens, and Landscaping in Miniature for Dollhouse and Model Horse Collectors

The florals you will view in the albums below are hand-designed and handmade by me for you in 1/12, 1/9, and 1/6 scales (some 1/32 and 1/24). They are perfect accompaniments to your dollhouses, dioramas, roomboxes, model horse show props/set-ups. My floral props have helped many horses NAN, and are, in my opinion, LSQ. My Model Horse WebShots Albums

Other miniatures designed, created, and handmade by me are book covers, Ancient Egyptian papyri, various prints, and collectible ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals).

You can view my current items for sale on the following sites:

CDHM (Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures)
MH$P (Model Horse Sales Pages)
Etsy Store
Creative Artworks! Gallery of ACEOs
My Blog

Email me with any queries regarding my florals. I do accept commissions and special orders depending on the availability of materials and supplies needed for your project. Note: I do not wholesale any of my creations.
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Mininiature Flowers and Plants
64 photos - Hand-designed Florals in 1/12, 1/9, and 1/6 Scales
Dollhouse Landscaping Miniatures
13 photos - 1/12th Scale
Dollhouse Gardens, Trellises, Topiaries
24 photos - 1/12th Scale
Miniature Bonsais For Dollhouses
8 photos - Bonsais in 1/12th Scale
Scenes in Miniature
13 photos - 1/12 Scale Settings, Miniatures For Dollhouses
Christmas Miniature Decorative Arrangements
25 photos -
Holidays & Seasonal Miniatures & Model Horse Props
5 photos - Everything Except Christmas
Model Horse Props & Jumps (Breyer/Ston
47 photos - LSQ Floral Props and Jumps for Model Horse Set-ups
Items Currently For Sale
27 photos - A Selection Of My Items For Sale On CDHM, Etsy, And MH$P
Dollhouse Miniature Books, Covers, and Fillers
22 photos -
Dollhouse Miniature Art and Prints
12 photos -
Sculpts - 1/12 scale
4 photos - Clay Sculpts I Have Created
My Miniature 1/12th Scale Archaeologist's Room
5 photos - This is a temporary room for my 1/12 Museum of Ancient Artifacts
18 photos -
My Favorite Miniature Dollhouse Links
23 photos - Links To Other Miniature & Model Horse Artisans' Sites
My Favorite Model Horse Links
7 photos -